Do THIS After You Launch Your New Website

how to grow your website traffic with pinterest

So you’ve taken a massive step in your online brand and launched your website — now what?

Whether you spent countless hours DIYing your site or spent the money to hire a web designer, I know how exciting it is when your site FINALLY goes live. You feel empowered, proud, hopeful, and SO ready for that first client, customer or reader to stumble across your little corner of the Internet.

But after several hours, days or even weeks all you get are handful of hits, or worse — crickets.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I know how disappointing that can be. I know how discouraging it can feel. I know what it’s like to go through a roller coaster of emotions and start doubting yourself and your idea to even launch in the first place. It’s easy to get caught up in the “build it and they will come” syndrome, especially if this is your first go at running an online brand, but the truth is that people aren’t going to come to your site unless you do something to get them there.

The GREAT news is that you can do so many things to change your low traffic or your stagnant sales — you just have to commit to actually doing something about it.

So what can you do to bring more traffic to your new site? Today I’m sharing with you four actionable steps you can start taking today to turn your traffic around — and if you read through the end I have a special free workshop to help you get started!

Start Networking

I’ve talked before about how my dad has always stressed the importance of networking. Whether you’re running a business or a blog, you have to commit to networking with people to spread the word both in person AND online in places like Facebook groups, Instagram and LinkedIn. Talk about your brand. Get your name out there. You can’t expect people to come to you or find your website, especially when you’re brand new — you’ve got to do the leg work, friend. One of my favorite places to network online is in Facebook groups. Look for groups that are geared towards entrepreneurs, online business owners, or other communities that align with your brand or niche. Get into the threads and form connections with other members that could benefit from your products, services, or content. Respond to questions and really engage with other users; if promotions are allowed within these groups, share what you do and let people know where they can find you online.

When networking in person, don’t be afraid to talk about who you are and what you do. You truly never know what could come from a conversation. Look for local events in your area, talk with the person near you in line at Starbucks, invest in a stack of business cards and hand them out when you meet someone new, and really put yourself out there. I know it’s not easy (introvert right here!) but you have to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and doing things you might have never done before.

Get Your Email List Going

One of my biggest regrets when I launched my first business was not having an email list right from the beginning. We do not own our social media! Remember when Instagram went down a couple months ago and a ton of people panicked? You have to make sure you have something in your back pocket so you can get in touch with your audience and they can get in touch with you. ConvertKit is my preferred email marketing platform and I urge anyone with an online brand to set up their email marketing ASAP.

Once you have your account set up, start getting people on your email list! Offer an incentive in exchange for their email address, whether it’s a discount, free shipping, a free consultation or a freebie of some kind… provide your potential subscribers with something of value that will get them on your list. Once they’re on your list, get in touch with your subscribers consistently. Whether that be once a week, a couple times a month, or every month, make sure you nurture them and provide them with value.

Show Up for Your Audience

You have to show up and deliver valuable, educational content on a consistent basis. Whether that’s in the form of a blog post, email, video, social media post, or podcast, stay consistent and always bring something to the table that is beneficial to your clients, customers or readers. If you’re selling products or services it’s important to educate your potential clients and customers on what you’re offering.

When I had my product-based business I spent a lot of time in the beginning posting product shots on social media with a description of the item and it’s price tag, but this kind of content wasn’t converting to traffic or sales. When I stopped trying to SELL my audience and started creating a lifestyle around my brand (while also educating my followers about my products and why they were valuable), I not only saw my engagement increase, but saw my sales increase too. This is where it’s especially important to know who you are selling or speaking to, and so you can tap into their pain points and provide them valuable information. That authentic connection, information and consistency is what will convert to traffic and sales. You can certainly post about what you offer, but find a healthy balance between selling and educating.

Take Advantage of Pinterest

This visual search engine has been a total game changer in my website traffic. In just one month of using Pinterest strategically and consistently my site traffic more than TRIPLED and continues to be the number one source or traffic to my websites. Another bonus? It’s free! There are certain strategies you need to put in place to get your efforts on Pinterest to convert to traffic, customers, clients or readers. If you want to learn more about how I did it, you can enroll in my Pinterest marketing course that will teach you how I tripled my website traffic in one month, and use Pinterest to bring consistent traffic to my websites on a daily basis. If you haven’t started taking advantage of Pinterest yet, or want to learn more about how to use it effectively, I highly recommend checking out that course!

The most important thing to remember here is that you have to take ACTION and remain consistent to increase your traffic. Be proud of your website launch and get excited but don’t stop there!

What are YOU doing to market yourself and your brand? What actionable steps are you taking to increase your traffic??