Five Things To Do After You Publish A New Blog Post

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Back when I had other blogs I used to publish a new post and just let it float out in internet land without doing anything to let people know it was there. I was always disappointed when I didn’t see my traffic increasing, but it wasn’t until I started this new blog that I realized I had to put a decent amount of effort into “advertising” my posts to increase traffic. To follow up my recent post on how I tripled my blog traffic in one month, I’m sharing with you the 5 things you NEED to do after you publish a new blog post:

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I  make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. Thank you so much for your support!

proofread one last time

Although I proofread my posts before I hit publish, I always read them over again as a “reader.” Something about seeing the post through a reader’s eyes allows me to catch any mistakes or formatting issues. I keep a separate tab open that I can go to and edit right away, so once I’ve made any necessary changes I save the post again. Make sure you have any relevant links, images, videos, etc. placed and ready to go. I usually proofread once or twice after publishing just to be sure!

create your pins

In my last post I talked about how Pinterest has helped me triple my blog traffic in just one month of blogging. The way I use Pinterest to increase traffic is by creating pins that link back to specific posts or other content on my blog. I typically create at least 3-5 different pins per post using Canva and stock photos from Unsplash, Ivory Mix or Haute Stock.

Canva makes it so easy to create Pinterest graphics. You can start completely from scratch or you can use some of their pre-made templates to help get you started. I recently updated my tutorial on how to create pins in Canva, so if you’d like to learn how to DIY your graphics, you can watch the quick tutorial I recorded below. If you want to completely outsource your Pinterest work, you can check out my comprehensive Pinterest course here that will teach you everything you need to know.

Once you’ve created your pins you can upload them straight to Pinterest, or you can use a scheduling tool like Tailwind. Tailwind is incredibly helpful for ensuring your scheduled pins are posted at optimal times, but it’s also great for increasing traffic to both your Pinterest account and your blog. You can join Tailwind Tribes relevant to your niche and add your new pins to those groups in hopes that your pin will be seen and re-pinned by the other members of your tribe. I’ll be doing a full post on Pinterest and Tailwind soon, but in the mean time you can start using Tailwind today by signing up here.

promote on social media

I am a huge believer in “less is more” when it comes to social media platforms. I like to stick to Pinterest and Instagram for the most part. If you try to focus on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube all at the same time — especially as a new blogger — you’re going to get super overwhelmed super fast. Pick one or two and start there. All the links for my blog are included in my Instagram bio, and I usually hop on stories to let my followers know when I have a new post up. If I post a new photo that day too, I might mention it in the caption as well. Regardless of your preferred platform, make sure you’re telling your followers about your new post, and make it easy for them to view it when it goes live.

check your facebook groups

Joining Facebook groups for bloggers was another huge reason I saw such a large spike in traffic last month. You can join general blogging groups, niche groups, or groups for new bloggers. Most of these groups post consistent threads that will allow you to link a specific blog post a couple times a week (or sometimes daily), so be sure to keep an eye on your groups for these opportunities.

email your subscribers

I’ve been working quite a bit on growing my email list lately, so I don’t have a TON of information to share with you just yet, but your new blog posts can absolutely be used as content in e-mails to your subscribers. If you send weekly or monthly e-mails, you can let your subscribers know about your latest updates, and even share short excerpts of new content with links to their original posts. This is a great way to keep driving traffic back to your blog and keep your subscribers in the loop.

While this all certainly DOES take a bit of time, it is doable and 100% worth it. Once you get used to setting up your post-publishing routine, it becomes much quicker and easier to put the finishing touches on your newly published content. If you need help getting started with creating pins, finding groups, or any of the above don’t hesitate to ask! Let me know if you have any additional tasks you take care of after publishing a post!