Five Squarespace Hacks You Need to Be Using to Design Your Website Faster

five hacks to use on squarespace

Squarespace already makes it fairly simple to create a modern and professional website, but there are a few things you can do to speed up the process and make things even easier!

I love using these hacks when working on my own websites or designing sites for my clients — they save me so much time, especially when I’m juggling multiple sites at once. If you’re currently using Squarespace to create your website or are thinking about using this platform in the future, check out these five hacks before you go any further!

Double Click to Edit

Rather than hovering over a page and selecting edit, you can simply double click the content area you’d like to access and start editing right away.


Use The Search Feature

Need to get to another area of Squarespace quickly? No problem! On the backend of your site, click on the left hand navigation area and hit the / key. This will pull up a search window where you can enter in where you’d like to go. Watch the tutorial below to see this time-saving hack in action!


Use The Escape Key Shortcut

There are two ways you can use the escape key on Squarespace. If you — or another Squarespace user — has the escape key feature enabled, you can log in to your Squarespace account from any Squarespace website. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Advanced > Escape Key and toggle the feature on. To disable this feature, simply toggle the setting off.

You can also use this shortcut when you’re logged in to your account, while editing your site. With your site in full view, rather than clicking the arrow in the top left corner to minimize your screen, you can simply hit the escape key to return to the backend.


Duplicate Pages, Products & Posts

This one is possibly my most-used and most favorite features when it comes to designing client websites! A lot of times, I repurpose content on multiple pages, so rather than recreating entire pages, posts, products and sections, I use the ‘duplicate’ feature.

  • To duplicate a page or index section, simply click the gear icon, scroll to the bottom of the window, and select duplicate and confirm. This will create a copy of the existing page, which you’ll find in your ‘Not Linked’ area. Rearrange the duplicated page in your navigation and edit as needed. Just be sure to change the page title and URL slug!

  • To duplicate a blog post, head to your blog page, select a post, click edit then select duplicate. The newly duplicated post will pop up in a new window and you can begin editing. Again, make sure you change the URL to your post, as well as the title and thumbnail image before publishing.

  • To duplicate a product or service, navigate to your store page, select a product or service, click edit, then select duplicate. Just like a duplicated blog post, the newly duplicated product or service will pop up in a new window and you can begin editing. You’ll also want to change the URL, thumbnail image, title, and other details of these products and/or services before publishing.


Use Gallery and Summary Blocks

If you want to display multiple images or videos on your website, gallery blocks are often a better choice in comparison to individual image or video blocks. There are plenty of styling options with gallery blocks that make it easy and aesthetically pleasing to display your content. Simply upload your own images/videos, or search for stock photos right within Squarespace to add media to your website.

To start using gallery blocks, head to the section you’d like to edit, click the + icon (add block) and select one of the gallery layouts (slideshow, carousel, grid or stacked). From here you can add your images/videos, customize the block further and even change the layout if you’d like. To see gallery blocks in action, you can view the tutorial below!

Summary blocks are a great option if you want to pull from blog content or feature a number of products somewhere on your site, without having to update these sections each time you publish a new post or add a new item to your online store. To learn more about summary blocks and see the tutorial, you can check out this post here.


You can learn more about creating a website on Squarespace here, or you can check out these Squarespace templates and have your website up and running in just a few hours!

What are some of your favorite Squarespace hacks?