learn how to 3x+ your site traffic in under one month

The most effective way to gain traffic and convert your visitors to paying customers, clients and email list subscribers — without fighting the Instagram algorithm


Do any of these sound familiar?

You’ve worked so hard to build your online brand.

Countless hours have gone into product development, crafting service packages, writing blog posts and creating lead magnets to get people on your list…

But you’re feeling discouraged by the lack of traffic coming to your site.


You can’t seem to get in front of your target audience.

Your traffic is at an all time low and it just isn’t converting like you hoped. You’ve tried leveraging Instagram, Facebook, and revamped your SEO…

But you feel that your efforts are barely getting you anywhere.


You have great content, but the numbers just aren’t there.

All of this has you feeling terrified of getting lost in the shuffle and having to close up shop, abandon your services or walk away from your blog…

Plain and simple: you need more traffic so you can make more money.


Your current approach to marketing your online brand just isn’t working for you.

It’s time to switch things up and do something that actually gets you results.


You need something that will get you in front of your target audience without having to fight social media algorithms…


You need something that is going to bring consistent, convertible traffic to your website so you can make more money…


You need something that can run on autopilot and free up more of your time…


You need a proven method that isn’t going to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in paid advertisements…


 — Introducing —

The Pinterest Project

a course designed to teach you how to grow your online brand with Pinterest marketing


ready to explode your website traffic in as little as one month?

When you enroll in the Pinterest Project you’ll learn everything you need to know about pinterest marketing including

How to set up a strategy that converts to more customers, clients and subscribers:

You’ll learn the most effective ways to target your audience by implementing a strategic plan of action, tailored to your brand.


How to create pins (for free) that attract your target audience:

You’ll learn how to use Canva to create eye-catching, on-brand pins that bring more traffic to your site.


How to run your Pinterest marketing plan on autopilot:

You’ll learn how to map out weeks worth of content in just a couple hours so you can get back to doing what you love.


 why pinterest!?

When I was trying to figure out how to market my online business and bring more traffic to my websites, I started reading about Pinterest.


I combed through research articles, studies, courses, experimented on my own -- you name it.

It became very clear that Pinterest wasn't just for creating vision boards, browsing DIY's, or finding new recipes anymore -- it was also an essential and effective marketing tool for online creatives.


This was a tool that brought people more traffic — leading to more clients, customers and loyal readers. After doing a little more digging, I figured I'd give it a try to see what the buzz was all about.

Once I learned how to use Pinterest strategically and consistently, my blog traffic more than tripled in my first month of using this incredible tool.


Since then, I've helped my clients and readers significantly increase their website traffic too -- bringing in new customers, new clients, and email list subscribers. To this day, Pinterest continues to be the number one source of traffic on my websites, and it's recently doubled my traffic once again.

With this method, I was able to grab the attention of thousands, by automatically scheduling my marketing efforts for weeks at a time in just a few hours — and in this course I’m teaching you how to do it too.


here’s what you can expect

A thorough, easy-to-follow course that gives you actionable steps to explode your site traffic in under one month

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Lifetime access to all eleven training modules and bonus material


Printable worksheets, ebook and PDFs of all course content

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FREE customizable Pinterest templates to get your started


Private access to all training videos and tutorials to refer back to at any time


Notifications of any future updates to course content

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A special affiliate program to promote the course and earn a commission


 wondering more about the creator behind the pinterest project?

meet your instructor.png

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I’m a former elementary school teacher turned blogger and web designer. I left my career in June of 2018 to run my business full-time.

While I was growing my business I found myself struggling to get my products and services in front of my audience.

It took me a long time to figure out how to gain traffic and convert those visitors into paying customers, clients and subscribers.

Now, I work with clients from all over the world to create modern, professional websites and teach them how to get their brand in front of their target market.


— the details —

Interested in learning more about The Pinterest Project?

It took me nearly an entire year to conduct research, compile information and fine tune this method.

by enrolling you’ll save yourself the time and headache I went through when I was first trying to figure out how to take advantage of Pinterest marketing.


here are a few more things you should know

there are so many benefits to pinterest marketing and the pinterest project that you won’t find anywhere else:

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It's completely free to set up your business account on Pinterest

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You don't have to pay to be seen in the form of ads or promoted content

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You don't have to deal with frustrating, ever-changing algorithms like we experience on Instagram and Facebook

Untitled design (79).png

You don't have to try and understand tricky SEO practices

Untitled design (79).png

Everything is in one convenient place so no more searching through blog posts, combing through research, or trying to figure it all out on your own


 Know that when you enroll in the course, I'm going to be teaching you exactly how I bring new customers, readers and clients to my websites every single day.


your customers, clients and readers are out there

take the next step to massively increase your traffic and get your audience to your website